Pushcode: Friendly, Automated Deployments

For the last 4-5 months, I’ve been working on a new product, a web-based deployment tool called Pushcode. Pushcode’s goal is to bring the idea of continuous deployment to web developers who feel like they don’t have the time, resources, or skills to do it on their own.

Continuous deployment is the idea that as developers we don’t necessarily have to gather up all our new features/changes into a megalithic “Release”, with a dot-0 number on it, and a press release, just to get the new stuff out the door to users. Ian Malpass at Etsy described it well when talking about the in-house tool they wrote to help Etsy make this transition:

Once deploying is No Big Deal, a lot of things can change. Features can go out a piece at a time instead of one all-or-nothing push.

Running a custom in-house tool like Etsy’s Deployinator (its open source!) is great - but can require a full-time dev/ops guy a couple days to get running, and requires a place to host it. Pushcode is a web-based, hosted solution for small shows that need flexibility but not the burden of maintaining a deployment system of their own.

Pushcode works, and does it’s job pretty well, though it’s not complete by a long shot. I’ve got a lot of features I want to add to help streamline the process even more, and I’m looking for early adopters who are interested in taking their deployment process to a new level of flexibility and power.


published 2011/08/19

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